United in diversity – this is the official motto of the European Union since the year 2000. Growing inequalities, the ever-widening gap between rich and poor and populist politics endanger the unity in an increasing way.

In order to fight social divisions, the European Civic Forum launched a campaign in February called “#MEGA-Make Europe Great for all”, which is to run for 2 years. It is based on the conviction, that our common future lies only in a united Europe. In its own manifesto, the future image of a more democratic Europe is drawn, in which social and environmental concerns are more important as economic interests. The focus lies also on inclusive and sustainable solutions to the problems of all European citizens. Central to the manifesto is also the call for European policy, which takes active measures in terms of cohesion and against all forms of inequalities. Furthermore, the campaign also aims to raise awareness for the role of civil society in the Union.

In the course of the campaign, events are organized in many European member states, which provide space for the exchange of views on the manifesto and its demands. This year’s event of IGO, which will take place in November 2018 and is titled “Relationship status: It’s complicated. Civil Society Organisations and the European Union “, is part of this series of events.

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