Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA)

Affinity groups are groupings of CIVICUS members. The Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA) brings together national associations – such as IGO – from around the world. National associations are organisations which provide and give a collective voice to civil society in their countries, serve as interlocutors between civil society and other sectors and struggle for the creation of an enabling environment for civil society at the national level.

The aim of AGNA

is to engage these national associations to foster greater co-operation across national and regional boundaries and to increase their ability to pursue mutual interests. This aim is based on the following identified needs:

  •     The need for an international citizens’ coalition;
  •     The need to reverse the current understanding of capacity building characterised by a North to South flow of knowledge, information and experience sharing;
  •     The need to provide a support network for national network leaders; and
  •     The need to reduce the ‘re-invention of the wheel’ and improvisation in the leadership of NGOs/NPOs.

AGNA undertakes a variety of activities throughout the year such as peer learning exchanges between members and research papers. Finally, every year, the group gathers for an Annual General Meeting, usually just before the CIVICUS World Assembly, to network and discuss common challenges and map the network’s activities for the year ahead. You can find more info on AGNA here.