About us

IGO – Interest Group of Public Benefit Organisations is a Vienna based umbrella organisation of Austrian and international civil society organisations (CSOs) and NGOs. In 2018, IGO is looking back on 20 years of existence. Its main objectives are

  • The creation of a favourable legal and economic environment for its members.
  • The increased visibility and public recognition of third sector activities.
  • The observation of quality standards and good practises in the third sector and
  • The provision of information, training and networking services to the staff and the leadership of its members.

Members are the national branches of large international organizations like Amnesty International, MSF, Four Paws or WWF, but also smaller ones of national or local importance. They are active in various fields; among them: human rights, development cooperation,  environmental protection, animal welfare, culture and youth.

This diversity is also reflected in the composition of our board. It comprises CEOs and  leaders of our member organizations. The board is understood as the organ which establishes common positionsin order to represent the interests of our members in the best possible way. In cooperation with the management team, it defines the strategic guidelines for the organization.

Through BÜNDNIS FÜR GEMEINNÜTZIGKEIT, created in 2016, IGO reaches out to several thousand public benefit organisations and CSOs all over Austria with its members, staff,
clients, partners, volunteers and followers.

Our members